What Are Custom Clothing Manufacturers?

Custom clothing manufacturers are companies that create tailored or ready-to-wear garments for their clients. These businesses employ professional tailors, and handle clothing creation at all levels. This includes designing, producing, and delivering items based on specifications provided by their customers.

These companies are highly specialized, while others can produce a wide range of garments. Knowing a manufacturer’s specialization is crucial when determining where you want to get your custom clothing made.

Further, certain suppliers exclusively collaborate with businesses, while others serve individual consumers. It's crucial to understand the distinction between these two types of suppliers before initiating your search.

Types Of Custom Clothing Manufacturers

There are many different types of clothing manufacturers, but when it comes to custom clothing in particular, there are two major distinctions you should be aware of. In broad terms, these are the types:

  • Contract Manufacturers: These companies produce your clothing according to your provided specifications. This option is ideal for clients who only need to manufacture a small quantity of clothing or those seeking a specific design that might be challenging to find elsewhere.
  • Private Label Manufacturers: Private label manufacturers produce clothing for you and attach your label to it. This is the best option if you're focused on quickly bringing custom products to market under your brand and are not overly concerned about having a distinct style.

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Can Tailors Make Custom Clothes?

Yes, tailors can make custom clothes. However, a single tailor has a limited scope when it comes to production. Instead, manufacturers can offer you more variety, and a faster timeline.

Who Can Make Clothes For My Brand?

There are professional custom apparel manufacturers who can make clothes for or work with your brand. First, research which custom clothing brands align with your own, so that you can more easily produce what you want. 

Working with a private label manufacturer will likely be easier for larger brands, as you can produce a larger quantity of clothing more quickly.

Where To Look For A Custom Clothing Provider

Discovering a suitable supplier may seem challenging, but there are many ways you can streamline and simplify the process. Consider the following methods:

Search Engine

Google is always a great first step when looking for custom apparel. You can search for manufacturers in your local area or even in other countries. Search engines are easy to use, and provide you with hundreds of results you can analyze.

Also, remember that you can utilize keywords and phrases to hone your search. This will allow you to locate a manufacturer that suits your needs.

Online Directories

You can also explore online directories when searching for custom clothing. These websites list list clothing manufacturers, and facilitate quick contact with potential manufacturers. The format allows for quick identification and vetting.

Once you find a directory, ensure that you conduct your due diligence by reviewing feedback and comparing options before making a decision.

Clothing Trade Shows

If you’re feeling old-fashioned you can find custom apparel manufacturers in person through trade shows. These events allow you to experience the touch and feel of the clothing you’ll be investing in, and you can talk directly with clothing suppliers. 

Clothing trade shows are unique in that they give you an opportunity to contact traditional clothing factories that don’t sell online or have a website. You might find a manufacturer you would have never come in contact with elsewhere.

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Social Media

You can often find providers by engaging with supportive entrepreneur communities on social media. Visit Facebook pages, peruse Instagram accounts, and join dedicated forums.

At best, social media can provide you with contact information and websites, and at worst, you receive a heap of new inspiration. Hopefully, you might even be able to get in contact with real entrepreneurs about your inquiries.


Networking is the most effective way to contact professionals, and sites like LinkedIn make it easy to find brands you’re interested in. Contact tailors and spokespeople who work for the supplier you’re interested in.

How To Find The Best Provider

When you know what you want, there are many effective methods to find the best provider for you. Luckily, we have some recommendations to help you in your search:

Compare Findings

After identifying a few potential clothing manufacturers, compare prices and quality. Request quotes from multiple suppliers so you can make side-by-side evaluations, and be sure to ask other important questions you have (minimum order quantity (MOQ), turnaround time, etc.).

Check Reviews

Narrow down your choices by checking reviews. Most websites, directories, and forums will offer reviews, but a quick Google search can also be revealing. Reviews offer valuable insights, so pay close attention to any red flags and avoid suppliers with consistently negative reviews.

Take Recommendations

Seek recommendations from industry contacts or acquaintances who know about reputable clothing manufacturers. Businesses recommended through recommendations often provide professional services and quality products at fair prices.

Access Customer Service

The best providers offer top-notch customer service. Open lines of communication with your chosen supplier, and analyze how they answer your questions. If you have any concerns about the quality of their responses you should think about other options.

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Questions To Ask A Potential Supplier

In searching for high-quality custom clothing, it’s important that you ask your potential manufacturer the right questions. These questions can give you an idea of what to expect from the supplier, and make it easier to choose who to work with.

Here are some of the crucial questions to ask:

What type of clothing do you make?

Plain and simple, this is one of the first questions you should be asking, as it may also be the last. Ensure that the clothes designed and produced by the manufacturer align with your own apparel products or personal interests.

Do you provide services for my country/region?

Another straightforward question to ask right away, this question guarantees that you can be provided the services you need.

Are you taking new customers or making new products?

Some manufacturers are in high demand and can be booked up for months in advance, making it difficult for them to produce new custom products. Be sure to reach out about availability before continuing with the custom design process.

How much does it cost to produce a piece of clothing?

Most suppliers will avoid listing prices outright, as the nature of customization means prices will vary from client to client. With that in mind, it’s important that you describe what you want, so you can receive an accurate quote from the supplier.

Additionally, you should ask about what forms of payment are accepted. Do they take debit cards, checks, etc.?

Do you have a maximum or minimum order quantity?

Whether you’re a large clothing brand looking for quantity, or an individual looking for a style upgrade, it’s important to find a supplier that works for you. Many suppliers will have minimum order quantities (MOQ), which prevent singular clients from purchasing a unique outfit.

On the other hand, a brand that specializes in creating custom clothing for individuals may not be able to fulfill the bulk production needed by a larger clothing brand.

What is your average turnaround time?

Anyone investing in a custom product or service wants to know when they can expect to see the final results. Ask your potential supplier about the turnaround times for measurements, design, fittings, shipping, and more, so you can gauge when your custom clothing will be finished.

Where do you source fabrics from?

Whether for your brand or ethical reasons, it’s vital to know where your potential supplier sources their fabrics from. First and foremost, be sure that all fabrics are coming from trustworthy and non-exploitive environments.

From there, you can decide how much the quality and brand-name nature of the fabrics matters to you.

Is there a website for designing clothes?

Some suppliers have website tools that allow you to experiment with custom designs. Ask the manufacturer how you can best provide them with examples of what you want your custom apparel to look like.

Have Your Custom Clothing Made Today

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