Before you arrive…

A handy, yet optional checklist to maximize your Q experience:

  • Take a wardrobe inventory. What’s in your closet now? Do you have the right weights for your climate? Do you own a tux? Do you have your basic black, blue and grey covered? Need a go-to sport coat? Are your shirt collars and cuffs fresh?
  • Understand your situational needs. Work, business casual, wedding, weekend, date night, 12 white shirts, etc.
  • Take stock of your favorite “off the rack” brands. What do you like about them? Fabrics, fit, exclusivity, other?
  • If possible, wear your best fitting suit, slacks, shirt or sport coat. Don’t worry, there isn’t any part of it we can't make better.
  • Wear the right shoes. It is best to show up with what you intend to wear with your custom acquisitions. Of course lengths can be tweaked later, but why not get it right the first time?
  • Feel free to bring pictures. If you see an article of clothing or a specific color you like, take a picture or rip out the page and bring it in.