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Tailoring custom jackets and outerwear is a nuanced process of personalization. We prioritize delivering exceptional service and convenience to all customers, handling each jacket with the highest level of care and attention.

Stylish and Functional

Stay warm and stylish in our custom jackets. Our personalized designs are crafted with care, using only the finest materials. Our team of skilled stylists will create the perfect outerwear for you, ensuring you look your best while staying cozy.

Fit Guarantee

Ensuring the perfect fit is imperative for the best custom jacket. Our core values have consistently upheld this principle, and we commit to your utmost satisfaction with both the fit and craftsmanship of your outerwear.

Luxury Custom Outerwear for the Modern Man

Discover a world of custom outerwear options with our extensive selection. Explore our unmatched in-store fabric library, showcasing a wide range of styles and exceptional quality.

Why Outwear

Why Outerwear

Ever been disappointed wearing a puffy coat over your Halloween costume? It's the struggle of pairing mismatched jackets with a thoughtfully chosen outfit. A good jacket is crucial for cold weather comfort, but it shouldn't compromise on fit, warmth, or style. A top-notch custom jacket not only caters to the practical needs of your climate but also complements the entirety of your outfit. These attributes play a vital role in maintaining comfort and style during rainy, windy, and cold weather.

How It Works

Schedule an appointment with our stylists, either at our store or from your home's convenience. Your conversation with the stylist will delve into your customized jacket requirements, style preferences, and fabric choices. Once your measurements are recorded, the journey to craft the perfect jacket for you begins.

how it works
Q Clothier

About Q Clothier

Experience luxury and practicality with Q Clothier's tailor-made jackets. With over 50 years of expertise, we can create branded jackets in just six weeks. Our commitment to exceptional customer relationships ensures a personalized experience that sets us apart.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Custom Outerwear

We have stores in 7 US states. Check out our list of locations to find one near you:

Visit one of our 10 locations across the United States to experience our extended hours of operation. We are open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm, and on Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Tailored men's outerwear consists of jackets and other garments meant to be worn over other clothes, especially outdoors, and is personalized to your specifications. This customized outerwear is designed to fit your exact measurements and style preferences. Select the material, color, and design features that align with your vision for the jacket.

A customized jacket fits perfectly and keeps you warm. Avoid the hassle of ill-fitting and uncomfortable ready-to-wear jackets. At Q Clothier, we use only top-notch materials to create high-quality jackets that are tailored to your specific preferences and measurements.

The timeline for receiving your personalized jacket is determined by the chosen material and the complexity of your custom design. With a focus on efficiency in our design process, most of our clients receive their custom jackets within four to six weeks after the initial consultation.

Investing in personalized jackets are worth your while. The price of a custom jacket is determined by its style, fabric, and your unique designs. Reach out to us for a personalized estimate.

Certainly, we provide embroidered jackets, and embroidery is just one of the many features your jacket can include. When designing your jacket, take the opportunity to discuss your interests and preferences with your stylist.

Yes, you can customize your own jacket with your choice of fabric. Our experienced stylist will guide you through a range of fabric options and explain the advantages of each. No matter if you need a jacket for the harsh winters of Chicago or a stylish addition to your custom suit, our stylist will ensure you get the perfect fit.

Absolutely, we can tailor jackets to fit any climate, thanks to our extensive collection of fabric choices and styles. Whether you're in need of a warm cashmere jacket or moisture-wicking organic cotton, your custom jacket is crafted to cater to your requirements.