Unparalleled Customer Service

Custom jackets and outerwear are more than clothing; they're personalized statements. Our commitment is evident in the exceptional service and convenience we provide to every customer, treating each jacket with precision and care.

Stylish and Functional

Stay warm and stylish with our custom jackets. Designed with both coziness and fashion in mind, our personalized jackets are made from top-quality materials. Our team of skilled stylists prioritize craftsmanship to create the perfect outerwear for you.

Fit Guarantee

The epitome of a custom jacket lies in its impeccable fit. Guided by this principle, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with the fit and fabrication of your outerwear.

Luxury Custom Outerwear for the Modern Man

Check out the custom outerwear samples below to get a taste of our vast selection. We pride ourselves on our exceptional in-store fabric library, which offers an unparalleled variety and quality.

Why Outwear

Why Outerwear

Recall the frustration of draping a puffy coat over your Halloween costume? That struggle highlights the challenge of combining poorly styled jackets with a custom outfit. Cold weather demands a quality jacket for comfort, but it should never sacrifice fit, warmth, or style. A high-quality custom jacket serves the practical needs of your climate while seamlessly enhancing your overall ensemble. These qualities are essential for maintaining both comfort and style during rainy, windy, and cold weather.

How It Works

Connect with one of our stylists to set up an appointment, either in-store or from the comfort of your home. During your meeting, you'll go over your personalized jacket needs, style preferences, and fabric choices with your stylist. Once your measurements are obtained, the process of creating the perfect jacket tailored for you will commence.

how it works
Q Clothier

About Q Clothier

Discover the epitome of luxury and functionality with Q Clothier's tailor-made jackets. With over 50 years of mastery in tailoring, we guarantee branded jackets that exceed your expectations, all within a remarkable six-week turnaround. Our unwavering devotion to building lasting connections means you'll receive a personalized experience that sets us apart from the competition.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Custom Outerwear

We have stores in 7 US states. Check out our list of locations to find one near you:

Visit our 10 locations across the United States! We are open from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm, and on Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Custom men's outerwear includes jackets and other garments designed to be worn over your clothes, especially outdoors, and is personalized to your specifications. This customized outerwear is crafted to match your precise measurements and style preferences. Choose the material, color, and design features that best suit your jacket.

Experience the luxury of a custom jacket that fits like it was made just for you. Say goodbye to uncomfortable ready-to-wear jackets that never quite seem to fit right. Q Clothier crafts high-quality jackets using only the finest materials, ensuring a cozy and personalized experience that will have you feeling stylish and comfortable all winter long.

The time it takes to receive your individualized jacket is contingent on the selected material and the intricacy of your custom design. We prioritize an efficient design process, and the majority of our clients usually receive their custom jackets within four to six weeks after the initial consultation.

The cost is determined by the style, fabric, and design you choose. Reach out to us for an estimate.

Certainly, you can opt for embroidered jackets. Embroidery is just one of the many features your jacket can have. Throughout the design process, make sure to communicate your interests and preferences with your stylist.

Yes, you can customize your jacket with the fabric of your choice. Our expert stylist will guide you through a diverse selection of fabrics and explain their unique advantages. Whether you want to stay warm in Chicago winters or complement your custom suit with a striking piece, our stylist will ensure the perfect fit for you.

Yes, we have an extensive variety of fabric choices and styles to craft jackets suitable for all climates. Whether you're in need of a snug cashmere jacket for warmth or breathable organic cotton to stay dry, your custom jacket is designed to fulfill your specific needs.