Custom shirting

Welcome to your new favorite shirt.

You can't pick your family or the color of your eyes, but you can pick every last detail of your new favorite shirt. We think you're a perfect fit for us, just like your custom shirt will be a perfect fit on you.

What Can You Customize?

Collar Style:

You name it we can make it


custom fit to your desired level of tapering


Triple thick mother of pearl buttons


Complimentary monogramming.


Hand turned collar with removable stays


Only the world's finest from Italy, England, and Switzerland.

Cuff Styles:

Over 10 styles of french or button.

Single-Needle stitching:

Twenty-two stitches per inch


World Class Construction

Our skilled craftsman have been constructing hand made shirts for over 50 years, and we believe the details matter

Your custom shirt is the result of meticulous attention to detail in every seam.

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Dress it Up

Every man needs a trustworthy resource for dress shirts. Our unmatched fabric library has you covered from simple to fancy.

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Make it casual

Having a custom shirt made doesn't have to be a formal affair. Our fabric range includes business casual to very casual

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Our Measurement Process

Our clothiers are highly trained on the art behind our proprietary measurements techniques. We ensure the perfect fit and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Your measurement profile is stored for ease of future reorder

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Get started Today

By now, we're hoping you're on board with custom shirting. Take a gander at our Shirtbuilder, a process built should you not have time to visit us in person.