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Elevate your suit with a perfectly styled sport coat. Our commitment to exceptional service and convenience ensures that every suit jacket and blazer we create is treated with great care. We'll work closely with you until your sport coat is absolutely perfect.

Top-Notch Design and Quality

Experience luxury and sophistication with our custom blazers and suit jackets, crafted from premium materials. Our attention to detail ensures that your custom sports coat not only complements your suit and attire, but takes them to new heights. Discover elevated style with us.

Fit Guarantee

A flawless fit is essential for the finest custom sports coat, particularly when worn over a suit, during work, or on a date. Our guiding principles have consistently centered around this idea, and we assure your absolute satisfaction with both the fit and craftsmanship of your garment.

Luxury Custom Sports Coats for the Modern Man

The provided samples of custom sports coats offer a glimpse into our broad selection of blazers and suit jackets. Our in-store fabric library is unmatched, offering an exceptional variety and quality.

Sports Coats

Why Sports Coats

Boost your confidence and elevate your personal style with a top-notch suit jacket or blazer. No matter the weather, you'll feel comfortable and exude sophistication. Stand out from the crowd and captivate people's attention with a perfectly tailored sports coat. Look better than ever and experience enhanced engagement with others.

How It Works

Book an appointment with our professional stylists to customize your sports coat. You can choose to meet in-person at one of our stores or in the comfort of your own home. During the appointment, discuss your specific requirements, style choices, and fabric preferences with your stylist. After taking your measurements, they will start creating a tailored garment exclusively for you.

how it works
About Q Clothier

About Q Clothier

Q Clothier provides contemporary, luxurious, tailor-made sports coats for any occasion. With over 50 years of expertise in the tailoring industry, we can craft your custom sport coat in under six weeks. Our commitment is to establish enduring connections with each customer, offering a distinctive and personalized experience that distinguishes us.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Custom Sport Coats

Our presence extends to various locations in seven states across the United States. To help you connect with a nearby store, here is a list of our locations:

Visit one of our 10 convenient locations across the United States and get ready to shop! We're open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Designed to be worn over other clothing, these custom jackets are made specifically for you. Pair your sport coat with custom suits and trousers for a sleek and contemporary ensemble. Stand out from the crowd with a coat that fits your measurements and reflects your individual style. From fabric choices to pocket styles, you have the freedom to customize every detail of your jacket.

Custom suit jackets and blazers offer a more personalized fit and enhance the overall quality of your outfit. Unlike many ready-to-wear options that may be of poor quality or ill-fitting, Q Clothier's sport coats are crafted from light and comfortable materials, ensuring a perfect match to your exact measurements.

Most clients receive their custom sports coats within four to six weeks after the initial consultation. The time it takes to receive your sport coat is influenced by the chosen material and the complexity of your custom design. For example, a casual garment with fewer pockets will have a shorter completion time. However, we consistently prioritize an efficient design process, regardless of complexity.

Discover the perfect price for your personalized sport coat based on its unique style, fabric, and your preferred designs. Get in touch with us today for an estimate.

Custom blazers and custom suit jackets differ in terms of style, fabric, and color. Blazers are solid-colored jackets with metal buttons, adding a touch of casual flair. On the other hand, suit jackets are more formal, often featuring lining or padding for a polished look.

Yes, you can choose the fabric for your custom sports coat. Your stylist will present and explain the benefits of a broad range of fabric choices. From wool to cotton, your stylist will aid you in selecting the ideal fabric for your outfit.

At Q Clothier, we can tailor sports coats to match any occasion. Whether you prefer a more formal blazer or a casual patterned design, the choice is completely yours.