Fabric Selection

The first decision to make will be what fabric to use in the construction of your tuxedo. We have everything from traditional jet black super 130's wool to a very fancy silk-wool midnight paisley.

If this tuxedo will be your only one, you may want to stick with a solid black or midnight option. Visiting the playboy mansion soon? Smoking jacket may be more your speed.

  • Traditional

  • Fancy

  • Smoking Jacket



Our favorite is a one button, peak or shawl lapel with side vents and traditional satin treatment. If its good enough for James

Bond, it's good enough for you... Here are a few styling options:


The peak and shawl have almost equal
favoritism in our books.

Notch Lapel

Peak Lapel

Shawl Lapel

Satin Treatment Options: Lapel


The one-button is a timeless, can't go
wrong option. Feeling daring... The
Double breasted is as cool as the other
side of the pillow.

One Button

Two Button

Double Breasted

Satin Treatment Options: Pocketing


We certainly recommend single or
double vents.

No Vent

Single Vent

Double Vent


Keep it simple here: decide on satin
treatment and waistband tabs

Side Tabs

Side Tabs

Satin Treatment Options: waistband, sidestripe.



Now that you have the perfect tux, we
are going to need to compliment it
with some great accessories. Q offers

the finest furnishings and accessories
from around the world.

Tux Shirt

Having one great tux shirt in your stable is a must. We can build you one or we always have one in stock if you are in a pinch. French cuffs are a must.


Do I need those shiny patent tux shoes to complete my black tie look? Not neccessarily. A well polished pair of black dress shoes look just as good. It's all a matter of personal preference and situation.

Necktie VS Bowtie

Have a wing tip shirt? You need to go with a bow tie. Have a normal collar? The choice is yours. If you decide to go neck tie, the shirt should be fairly clean and simple.

Cufflinks & Studs

Click here to see some options that will complete the look.