Our story

Our Origins

Our company was founded in 2003 by a second generation haberdasher, whose family has owned tailoring interests for over 50 years. Today, despite our expansion, we still uphold the same value we were founded upon. Treat the customer right now and not only will he come back, but he will tell 5 buddies.

Our Process

The last fifty years have taught us a lot. We have a process down pat.

1. Visit Clothier:
2. Custom Tailoring:
3. Quick Delivery:
4.Satisfaction Guaruntee:


We have a vast library for both shirting and suiting so you will positivly find something you like. Picking out fabric is the most exciting part, afterall.

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True Custom

The fit of a custom jacket is like no other. It isn't just about the craft behind the garment and the way you wear it with confidence.

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Garment Construction

All of garments employ the highest tailoring standards in the industry. Fully canvassed jackets, functional button holes, hand stitching are merely minimum standards, not extras.

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Our Shops

Our brick and mortor stores are designed are around the fact that men typically don't like to shop. In our stores you will find a whiskey bar, TV's, timeless clothing and a great group of clothier to shoot the breeze with.

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