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Q Ambassadors

We’re looking for people with a very specific set of skills that want to be a part of an amazing brand, but also love to have fun, create some (easy) additional income and really love to network.


Who are we looking for?

You are incredibly bold, fashion forward with a dynamic personality. You’re an extrovert, really into the social scene, you love to give fashion advice and you could’ve been a stylist in your past life. If this is you then please do not hesitate and reach out now.

How It Works

Besides a foot in the door with an amazing brand, you’ll also receive 10% commission for anyone you bring to your appointed Professional Clothier. Your clothier will do the heavy lifting and handle the appointment, sale and follow through. All you have to do is bring the referral and you earn easy commissions.

Potential Earnings

Adjust the number of appointments below to view your true earning potential!

Appointment Type Average Casual Appt Average Custom Clothing Appt
Sale Value $1,500 $3,000
Appointments set
Monthly Earning Potential $

Become a Q Ambassador