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How do you feel about shopping?

  • Hate it

    Gotcha. We are here to make shopping easy.

  • It's ok

    We can help by analyzing your wardrobe.

  • Love it

    We do too and our experts can add input as you see fit.

How can we help?

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  • Find better fitting clothes
  • Style advice - I have no idea what to wear!
  • Save time shopping
  • Elevate my style
  • Prepare for an upcoming event or trip

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Which styles speak to you?

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How do you want to shop with us?

  • In-person experience with a
    professional clothier.

    Wonderful. Our clothiers can help at one of our ten locations or at your home/office.

  • Please send me a curated box of clothes.

    Got it. We will have an expert reach out to determine more of your needs and fit preferences so we are sending you the right items.

  • Not sure. Can I learn more?

    Of course. One of our clothiers will reach out to determine which service suits you best.

What sizes do you normally wear?

How do you like your clothes to fit? (Required)
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  • Tailored, but not tight
  • Relaxed
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What common fit challenges do you experience?

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Broad Shoulders

Collar Gap

Round Midsection


Broad Chest

Sleeve Length

Pant Length

Loose Seat/Hips


Almost done. Have you ever tried
custom clothing before?

  • Yes

    Great. Can't wait to hear about what you liked and what you would like to change.

  • Nope

    Well, get excited. We offer everything from custom hoodies to tuxedos! There is nothing like being fitted exactly to your liking.

  • Maybe? Not sure to be honest.

    That's ok. The term custom can be misused. Our expert clothiers can explain more and will see if it makes sense for your needs.

Last one! Where do you typically shop?

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Thank you. What happens next?

A professional clothier will contact you shortly
to discuss your clothing needs.