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Available as Ready-To-Wear OR Custom:


  • 100% Wool
  • Fabric milled in Italy
  • Half lined/Half canvas construction
  • Brown Horn Buttons
  • Two button closure
  • Double-vented back
  • Four kissing buttons on sleeve
  • Welt breast pocket


We love playing with subtly different shades of navy like this. The dark melange oxford is so incredibly soft and works really well with the incredible texture of this The gauze glen plaid wool pocket square is a nice touch on top of a sophisticated downtown look.

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Ordering online makes life easy, but having great support is our commitment. Our Omni-channel approach assures you that you are supported by real clothiers from our brick and mortar locations. Our professional clothiers are well versed on all products and prepared to help when duty calls.

Fit Guarantee

We guarantee our products will fit the way you want, and we offer a full fit guarantee. Please see our fit guide for further details or reach out at for fit guidance. Should you not love the way your online order fits, we offer a comprehensive return/exchange policy.


All Q Clothier garments are constructed with the finest attention to detail and produced in the world’s most respected workshops. We spare no expense on all aspects from fabrics to trims.


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