Our Process

Our seamless process makes it simple to for the most discriminating gentlemen to experience the world of hand tailored clothing. We spare nothing in the way of service, fabrication and tailoring standards.

Schedule a Fitting

Your initial consultation will include fabric selection, garment design and our proprietary measurement process. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes, as you will be guided through our process with a seasoned clothier.

Visit a Store or Let Us Come To You

At Q, service and convenience is paramount. This means you are able to book an appointment at one of our well-appointed showrooms, or in the comfort of your home/office. Whether you need to purchase one suit, a new seasonal wardrobe, or have a special occasion, we are able to help from anywhere.

Your clothier will serve as your personal clothing concierge and strive to serve you at your convenience.

True Custom

Unlike the common watered down made to measure process, our garments are truly custom made to your specifications. This means that a paper pattern is created for each garment based on your personal measurements, with no preset premonition of what your garment will be. Your clothier will work with you to select the fabric and all of the detailing to create a garment built exactly for you. We do not only offer formalwear, but also a range of options including; casualwear, footwear, and outerwear.

There are no limitations on garment design and measurement. If you can dream it up, we can create it.

The Final Fitting

After 4-6 weeks your garments will be ready, and we will invite you to the final fitting. For your first custom piece we determine what adjustments, if any, will need to be made to your garment which will subsequently be made to your pattern. Once your profile is established we will keep your paper pattern on file to aide in ease of reorder.

On your next appointment, you will simply select fabrics and design details, meaning you never need to try on clothing again.